Stoa is the Greek term for a publicly-used outdoor, covered walkway for the public debate in ancient Greece. Generally framed by a wall, a roof and an open colonnade, the Finnish architect Alvar Aalto designed several stoas for the Otaniemi campus. Nowadays, with Aalto University’s campus under development and rapid transformation, students take an active role and influence the process through their architectural and urban design work. Aalto Stoa is a platform showcasing and placing value on their proposals, as well as enabling an open discussion on the campus development.


Group X
Postal address:
Department of Architecture
School of Arts, Design and Architecture
PO Box 31000
FI-00076 Aalto

Visiting address:
Otaniementie 14
02150 Espoo

email: info[at]groupxaalto[dot]fi

Created by Fernando Nieto & Saana Rossi. Continued by Alejandro Campos & Andrea Esquivel with Group X and Antti Ahlava.