Aalto ATM

Chengxin Hao and Xiaohan Liang. Finalist. Autumn 2017

Jury’s statement The proposal offers diverse technical elements as part of the design, from printing and storage devices to seating with integrated heating, light and sound systems. Aalto ATM combines the design of objects to functionalities aimed at establishing communication among people. Further development of the project could take many different routes, depending on what is to be the authors’ objective. For example, the jury could imagine the Aalto ATM as an impressive art installation of glowing eggs with strong symbolic meanings and experiential qualities, instead of technological functionality. Designing with light is a positive factor in consideration of the dark Finnish winters, and the proposed round objects create an interplay with the rectangular building. The visual character is at once interesting and subtle. The glowing “eggs” could create a playful form of lighting that would even be visible from under snow. Furthermore, the art piece–like presence could attract passers-by to visit the courtyard, and create a scene that can also be experienced from indoors.


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