Siiri Mikola and Susanna Virolainen. Finalist. Autumn 2017

Jury’s statement This proposal integrated a Design for All –philosophy in creating a playground concept with an emphasis on visual and experimental aspects. The most praised element in the project was the “LED-swing” idea, which also introduced components of augmented reality. The cables and the frame propose new geometry and material palette to the courtyard, yet delicately leave the A Wing buildings facades unobstructed with the thin structures. The idea was presented with beautiful sketches displaying the atmosphere through the use of lighting. “Playground” would reprogram the courtyard with a combination of light, augmented reality and a slender web of cables and frames for different modes of engagement. The three-dimensional nature of this structure is very intriguing, yet the podiums and surface materials proposed as secondary elements in the presentation seem off in their scale and extent on site.


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