Voices of Aalto

Andre Vicentini and Michele Sordi. Honorable Mention. Autumn 2017

Jury’s statement This project suggests an interesting framework for opening up the university as a community and introducing new forms of interaction and engagement. This would be materialized by using the marble-clad walls as projection surfaces displaying diverse content, which would activate the site during dark months of the year. The projections are complemented by some interventions on the landscape of the site. The bold graphic presentation is visually inspiring and communicates effectively the spirit of the proposal. The authors manifest a strong concept for new social interaction on campus based on an analysis of the current state. While also some other proposals introduced the idea of projecting onto the walls, in Voices of Aalto the idea was taken into a larger framework for facilitating engagement. The concept enables the display of all the things that take place within the walls of the university. The materialization of other parts of the intervention aside from the projections remain abstract (platform, bench, ramp, lighting), and should be developed further in consideration of this core idea.


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