Thinking Incubator in Otaniemi

Xin Wang. Thinking incubator in Otaniemi. Spring 2018

The site of this project is covered with lush trees, which is a very common natural landscape in Otaniemi, but as a construction site, these trees make the site very unique. So the starting point of this design is to keep the plants on the site as much as possible, and integrate this natural atmosphere into the building, which is in contrast to the massive artificial scale of Otaniemi. The K-BLOCK where the site is located is a relatively regular area. Therefore, first of all I used a long mass to ll the facade of the street as a connection with the city. In order to preserve the trees on the site, I placed the parking function on the other side of the base.Hence, the site is enclosed by several masses ,which emphasize the quiet and natural features of the site. I put different functions in different boxes and place these blocks freely between trees so that the architecture will have an organic relationship with the trees. The interior space becomes rhythmic and flexible because of the transition between each volume. Different spaces give people different experiences, but they are all led by the same theme – ‘nature’. Regarding building materials, I chose wood to echo the site. On the other hand, I chose concrete to express the logic of the structure and a sense of roughness that is similar to the site.


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