Rouven Grom, Jasmine Chung and Tigran Khachatryan. Honorable Mention. Autumn 2017

Jury’s statement The proposal is a microcosm, yet the primary element is a fireplace sunken into the courtyard, inviting social gatherings. The graphic presentation is convincing, especially the simple black-and-white diagram communicating the concept. Fire as an element and the sheltering form of the fireplace–auditorium propose a new social space, which is strategically sunken towards Alvarinaukio to decrease the instant visual effect in the landscape. However, since the fireplace-auditorium is such a strong element, the jury recommends that the proposal could be enhanced by giving up some of the secondary activities proposed and simplifying the design agenda to match the scale of the site. Despite the subtle visual connection to Alvarinaukio, the program and the design offer a bold project for the site that also reframes Alvar Aalto’s architecture. The proposal transforms the landscape of the building at the courtyard, today characterized by white marble and low grass. The effects of light from the fire and proposed projections are intriguing and suggestive.


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